What is Muscle Tone?

Muscle tone is the continuous readiness of the muscle. It is also described as tonus, the tension of living muscles that make reaction to stimulus possible. Muscle definition is achieved by making the muscles appear more visibly. There are two factors to muscle definition: muscle size and percentage of body weight. Both elements have to be present for muscle definition to be dramatic. The importance of stomach muscle tone is felt throughout the whole body. Strengthening the bodies core is key to enhancing flexibility and alleviating sore muscles in the body. Strong abs help with posture, make it easier to sit for a long time, and make it easier to breathe. Posture is the bodies alignment and no matter if we are sitting or standing, gravity pulls down on our muscles. Having strong abs keep pressure of the back and helps our bodies from becoming fatigued.

Important factors for building muscle include diet, hydration, and resting after exercise. Physical exercise is important to build muscle tone. It helps by burning off the excess fat and reducing the body fat percentage. Low intensity workouts like slow jogging or treadmill work is best. Fat loss requires you to lose more calories than you take in so the objective should be to burn more calories over time. Higher intensity workouts require more time for recovery and reduce the amount of workouts that can be performed in a time.

The second factor is increase muscle size. Muscle can only get bigger, smaller, or stay the same. There is no way to train a specific part of the muscle to become more defined. It is best to do a smaller number of reps with maximum weight than do more reps with less weight. The key to building muscle is high intensity overload. Once there is a reduction in body fat and a proper workout, muscle definition will begin to appear.

It is important to do exercises that work on all three sets of abdominal muscles. A rotation of exercises is recommended to achieve and maintain the most effective stomach muscle tone. Rest in between each set of exercises is also important. The most effective way to tone your stomach muscles are crunches and leg lifts. Proper crunches are performed by lying on the back with hands crossed over the chest and knees bent. Using the stomach muscles, lift shoulders off the floor towards the knees. It also works to raise legs in the air and cross the ankles in the air. The same method is used to raise shoulders off the floor. The most effective leg lifts are done by hanging from an overhead bar and lifting the legs straight out in front of the body. Other versions of these two exercises are possible and will work as well. As with any exercise, it is more important to do a small amount of correct reps than doing dozens of them incorrectly when trying to achieve proper muscle tone.




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November 2014

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